48 killed in Togo bus crash

At least 48 people have been killed in a collision between a bus and truck in Atakpamé (south-central Togo), state television says.

The accident took place Monday night on a bridge over the river Talo near the town of Atakpamé (roughly 160 kilometres from the capital, Lomé), when a 70-seater bus tried to overtake another minibus and smashed into a truck.

A government statement on state TV said, among the dead were 15 people from Burkina Faso. There were also casualties, from Nigeria, Niger and Ghana.15 people were severely injured.

Survivors of the crash said the truck had only one headlight, and the 70-seater bus driver mistook it for a motorcycle.

Road accidents are common in Togo, where roads are poor and dangerous. Commercial vehicles, too often driven by poorly trained drivers, are always overloaded with passengers and goods. Traffic police is more interested in racketing than road safety.

C Amétobéna


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