Togo: new fire at the Big Market of Adawlato in Lomé

One year after the arson that devastated Adawlato‘s Big Market in Lomé , a nearby building close to the main one demolished as a result of the disaster, caught fire on Thursday night, February 20, 2014.

According to several testimonies, it is shortly before midnight this February 21, 2014, that a fire, of unknown origin, broke out along the upper facade of the building Ezé Sapé, opposite the well known Kalife building, in the old rue du commerce, currently named rue Sylvanus Olympio.

According to information received from residents, it is the top floor reserved for restaurants which caught fire. “Everything was burned where the fire began.

This time, the reaction of the fire brigade based in Lomé, was prompt and efficient. They managed to identify the source and to control the flames, which caused some damage. This Friday morning, some of the traders have opened their shops in the building.

In this building are sold generally, cloth materials, jewelry, imported garments and other goods.

For the time being, no official declaration on this fire has been made public. The Minister of security and Civil Protection, Yark Damehane accompanied by the Director-general of the National Police, Koudouovoh Têko Mawuli, visited the site to see the disaster.

C Amétobéna


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