No more trading in cash at the Togolese customs

During a press conference this Thursday in Lomé by the Commissioner-general of the Togolese tax office ( Office Togolais des Recettes – OTR ), Henry Gapery, has announced the launch of the new payment system at the Togolese Customs.

The payment of taxes in cash is now prohibited. Payments will now be carried out at Banks branches counters installed directly on site.

‘Finished the era of the physical transport of funds with the risks of fraud and corruption’, said Mr. Henry Gapery.

M Gapery explains that this innovation will help tax filers in customs and importers, who will see the average time to get their goods from the port and put it on the market significantly reduced, delay which is indeed one of the indicators for the classification of countries by “Doing Business”.

The system is already put in place at the port will be extended from July to customs offices located in the free zone and at the airport before being extended to border posts.

C. Amétobéna


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