Pascal Bodjona face the press Monday

Time and space were not enough this Monday morning at Eda Oba Hotel in Lomé to enable Pascal Bodjona and his team of lawyers to answer all questions of the large group of journalists who responded to their invitation to the press conference. The former Minister of Territorial Administration of Faure Gnassingbé took the opportunity to announce his intention to lodge a complaint against the judges who contributed to his wrongful detention in this case.

“We had internal and external opportunities, but my experience of wisdom, patience and responsibility gained as a minister helped me keep calm, but not silence nor resignation, calm thinking that reason and the law will, at one stage, wholeheartedly overcome my accusers, but I can see that I was deluded. Therefore solemnly, I asked my lawyers to take, from this day of June 23, 2014, all diligences to the Court of justice of ECOWAS for the purposes of investigating the more than numerous violations of my fundamental rights and to consider sanctions against the perpetrators” said Mr. Bodjona before adding that internally his lawyers to lodge a formal complaint against corrupt judges who contributed to his imprisonment and impairing his freedom.

About his return to politics, Pascal Bodjona plans to join forces from now on with the opposition and he does not hide his determination; “likewise one cannot deny a carpenter to cut wood, no one can stop the Minister Bodjona to operate in the political scenee, I solemnly tell you that I will be present and that I won’t be absent from the Togolese political scene” he added.

These were the political declarations made by Pascal Akoussoulelou Bodjona this Monday at the press conference, after a long absence from the political scene because of the international scam case which involved him.

This international scam case in which the complainant is the Emirates Abbas Al Youssef, was opened on 2 March 2011, on the basis of a first complaint in which the former Minister was named as a witness. He was later, formally charged for a second complaint and jailed by the national gendarmerie, for seven (7) months

C. Amétobéna


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